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Catching up with Brad Guzan: He's still at it!

Folks, your boy is still at it.

New York Red Bulls v Atlanta United FC: Eastern Conference Finals - Leg 1 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Earlier in the year we were delighted to report that Brad Guzan was at it. Now we're delighted to confirm that he's still at it. However, this time 'at it' doesn't mean his soul farted out of his body after conceding a goal like the last occasion.

This time, Brad Guzan has broken in all of the right ways. He went into server overload when attempting to stop Minnesota United scoring against his Atlanta side.

Check it:

Last time we got together to talk Guzan, we were dying in laughter when he seemed to pass away mid-game. This time, it looks as though he's going to be drug tested post game for flapping his arms in several directions all at once to save his team.

A common criticism of Brad Guzan is that sometimes, he doesn't seem to try. Well, we can now confirm this - he doesn't try when he needs to try and he tries exceptionally hard when it's pointless to do so. That's loveable effort.

This segment of play from Guzan is like the goalkeeping version of the Eric Andre show. Nothing happens but a man is screaming and there are arms everywhere. Did he even need to claim the ball, because Minnesota had a lot of good chances to score and didn't so by God let them have the free shot at goal because the almighty clearly is not on their side.

Go back and look. There's an exceptionally funny moment at about five seconds in when Guzan is caught in an awful position, helpless as the ball loops over him. He almost goes to put his hands on his head before darting to it and then the goalmouth, flapping like a seagull cruelly speared by a chip fork.

Does he save the team? Yes, in the end. Is it funny? Yes, all the time. Is it even better that he seems to mock the opposition when he comes out on top in a cavalcade of comedic error by pure and utter accident? Yes.

Brad Guzan is Benny Hill as football. It's beautiful. You love to see it.

Keep going Brad, we're all rooting for you! See you soon for the next report.