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The GIF that proves Aston Villa are getting relegated this season

Warning - the lack of effort in this GIF comes with a trigger warning

You see a total of six Aston Villa players in this GIF.

Six players who are earning just under £180,000 a week all together.

Six players who are probably worth around about £20 million combined (give or take £20 million).

Watch it once, marvel at the attacking display of Arsenal. Watch it twice, hold your head in your hands as you watch a helpless Brad Guzan buried by Aaron Ramsey.

Now watch it a third time, focus on the right side of the pitch and look at Scott Sinclair - clearly out for a morning jog - fails to use his pace to hassle Ozil. In fact, watch as he fails to do anything at all.

Watch it for a fourth, notice as our holding midfielder, Carlos Sanchez, fails to interrupt the play and casually gives up.

Now for a fifth, focus on our box-to-box midfield, Jordan Veretout almost come to a halt as he realises all is lost.

Watch it for a final time. Take it all in. Imagine that this is a team fighting relegation - they look down, don't they? Oh wait, they are fighting relegation? Well..

*All is not lost, it was against Arsenal and the second half was much, much better than the terrible first half. Maybe we can still crawl out of this.. Also, shout out to /u/Camaradona on Reddit for this streamable.