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Relive Aston Villa vs. Manchester United from the Holte End

Can't make it to Villa Park? Put on some headphones and we'll take you to the Holte End for Aston Villa vs. Manchester United.

James has gotten season tickets in the Holte End, and he'll be giving those of us who can't go (and those who can!) a taste of what Villa Park is like. The first installment gives us the sites and sounds of Aston Villa's home opener against Manchester United.

James accidentally left his phone set to audio recording for the entire match, so rather than get irritated at his "mistake" he decided to give us the first-person audio view of what it's like to sit in the K5 section of the Holte End. You'll get to hear Adama Traore's introduction, and the always-thundering "Villa, VILLA, VILLA!!" chant.

And might I suggest pairing this video with James' first From the Stands report? He'll be sitting in the K5 section all season, and so we've got eighteen more of these reports headed our way. Maybe if we're nice, he'll keep making us videos, too!