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AVFC Statistics and Villa in Four Numbers

Minor tactics tweaks could lead Villa up the table

Aston Villa are bottom of the table — but stats suggest some changes in attacking approach could fix that fairly quickly.

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What will it take to finish mid-table?

Tyler Lusher looks at, statistically, what would be needed for Villa to finish gloriously mid-table.

Don't worry, the numbers don't doom Aston Villa

PaddyPower would have you believe that Aston Villa are doomed to relegation from the Premier League. PaddyPower are wrong.

Don’t be fooled: If Vlaar leaves, it’s bad news

With a contract from Aston Villa on the table, Ron Vlaar indicated he’s interested in pursuing other options. Despite public opinion, an exit would be bad for the club.

Just one goal per match would change everything

One goal per match would be bad, but it would leave Villa in a very nice spot. The lack of goalscoring hasn't been bad. It's been terrible.

The record that none of us want

Aston Villa are within a few matches of an all-time Premier League futility record.

Villa (somehow) on pace for best finish in years

Aston Villa have been unrepentantly poor for large swathes of this season, and yet they're on pace for their best finish since 2010-11.

Villa in Four: A stress-free spring on the cards?

Villa's pace — and their fixtures — have them in a decent spot to feel comfortable in a month. Will they? Probably not.

Aberration aside, Villa have an excellent defense

Aston Villa had their rough stretch, but they've become a team who rely on a stout defense for productivity this season.

Villa in Four: Lambert deserves at least four more

This week's statistical column takes a look at why Paul Lambert should have at least four more chances before we should call for his head.

A winless streak to be ashamed of in within reach

Aston Villa could realistically go longer during the season without a win than they did in the period that included an entire summer off.

Villa fans by the numbers: We love custard

YouGov have made profiles of "quintessential" fans of soccer clubs, and what it says about Aston Villa is a bit surprising.

Better ways to spend your time: A list

Aston Villa are currently in one of the longest scoring droughts the team has had in recent memory. Rather than watching the matches, how could you have better spent the time?

AVFC in Four Numbers: A new scoring drought!

It's time we took a closer look at Aston Villa goal-scoring futility. Christian Benteke, you're our only hope.

Villa in Four Numbers: Cake, Grealish, and more!

This week's numerical look at Villa is a little happier — or just not taking itself too seriously.

Cleverley is quickly becoming a Villa star

Tom Cleverley is at Aston Villa on a loan from Manchester United, and it's quickly becoming apparent that everything should be done to make that move permanent.

Villa in Four Numbers: Creating chances is hard

This week's edition looks at something Villa are doing quite well and a couple of things they, well, aren't doing so hot at.

Villa in Four: Everything is going to be okay!

We take a look at the statistics that show there's no reason to panic despite Villa not making a signing on deadline day.

The results against the bottom sides matter more

Villa's performances against the top sides last season were right in line with Southampton, Stoke City, and Crystal Palace. But it's the results against their fellow minnows that cost them from being able to relax come April.

Early part of the season will be toughest for Villa

While Aston Villa could quickly improve over last season's squad in the first half of the season, doing so will be quite difficult.

Squad numbers released!

Aston Villa have released their squad numbers for the 2014-15 season, and that means it's time to speculate wildly!

Villa could make gains in season's first half

If we look at corresponding fixtures, Aston Villa can put a lot of distance between themselves and last year's team in the first half of the season.

Numbers tell us useless things: Lambert's tenure

The Birmingham Mail have done some research into how long managers stay on after new owners arrive. Too bad the numbers don't really tell us much.

Sylla was our talisman, and that explains so much

Statistics can tell us many things. They can also obfuscate the truth and tell us deceitful lies.

Comparing this season's Villa to last season

A look at how Aston Villa fared in corresponding fixtures between this season and last.

Villa still haven't 100% guaranteed safety

Aston Villa are virtually guaranteed to be in the Premier League next year, but they've got to wait for one more result to be totally certain.

Hull fighting history in trip to Villa Park

When Hull City face Aston Villa tomorrow, they will be going up against one of the stranger anomalies in football.

Relegation probability update!

One last update on relegation chances before we head into the season's most crucial weekend.

Referees named for next two AVFC matches

Mike Dean and Michael Oliver have been named as referees for Aston Villa's next two matches. The problem is, the club haven't won in years in a match overseen by either of this pair. Is it a coincidence, or something to look into?

Relegation scenarios in plain English

We've done a lot of math lately while talking about the relegation battle. Let's look at it in plain English.

Relegation probability update for Sunday evening

An updated look at relegation probabilities after Sunderland's massive 4-0 win over Cardiff City

All 108 scenarios for the bottom six

We've got a visual guide to the last matches of the Premier League season for the bottom six teams. Who do you think ends up going down?