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If only someone had warned us about Fulham

The year is 2020. Aston Villa's dressing room is broken. If only someone had warned them about doing a Fulham.

The Ramadan Midnight League is something Aston Villa fans should be proud of

Not everything is going wrong for Villa off of the pitch.

Pierluigi Gollini drops first rap single ‘Rapper coi Guanti’ hours after leaving Aston Villa

Pierluigi Gollini - Gollorius has completed a life-long ambition by breaking into rap, in Italy.

This stream has:

The 7500 to Holte safe standing week

All you need to know about safe-standing, and our thoughts on the matter

I no longer like Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Mark Hamill is not nice and should be more like Tom Hanks?

Sheffield Wednesday fans are losing their shit about Aston Villa, match fixing and Steve Bruce

The loss is being Handled Well

The Villans Speech: 25th December, 2017

Come together, enjoy yourself and be grateful

Spoiler Alert: Derby County [SPOILER] - [SPOILER] Aston Villa (FT)

In a 7500 to Holte exclusive viewing prior to tomorrow’s world-wide release we were able to watch the entirety of Aston Villa’s pivotal match at Pride Park Stadium. We’re happy to provide you with our Spoiler-free recap.

Play fantasy football with 7500 to Holte!

In addition to Fantasy Premier League, we can play EFL Championship fantasy football this year!

Why Francesco Totti is so special

Aston Villa will probably never have their own Francesco Totti. That’s okay, no club other than Roma will.

European Nights Part 4: My quest to restore Aston Villa to greatness

Miracles can happen as a shock victory leads to a streak for Villa.

European Nights Part 3: My quest to restore Aston Villa to greatness

Winter arrives as Villa drop more points, welcome ‘Arry to Villa Park and experience mountain highs and sea-bed lows...

4th Annual AVFC North America Meet Up information

Here's all you need to know about next month's gathering in Chicago

My favorite player, Jordan Veretout

It may seem amazing, but it’s true, Jordan Veretout is my favorite player

Aston Villa make social media history

North American Villans Meet Up preview: Part one

Start preparing for the fourth annual North American Villans Meet Up!

Join our Fantasy EPL league!

It's that time of the year again, so join our league for some Fantasy Premier League fun!

Collymore’s sacking is a disgrace

Please be warned that there are some disturbing images in this article.

How to watch Villa in the Championship next year

Here's how you can watch Aston Villa matches next year

Aston Villa say thanks to Eric Black for no reason

Eric Black didn't exactly do anything in his time at Aston Villa that merited thanks, but the club have wished him farewell regardless.

The American thinks football needs instant replay

After seeing Sergio Ramos score from an offside position in yesterday’s Champions League Final, we should be having the replay discussion again.

What if the Premier League had a draft?

Just because it would never happen doesn't mean we can't speculate!

Things better than watching Villa: crushed pucks

Aston Villa are bad. Watch this cool stuff instead.

Interesting ways to lose the remaining matches

It's gonna happen, lets do it in fun ways.

No activity in the window wasn’t a bad thing

Aston Villa find themselves in a position where even one or two signings wouldn’t have helped much. So it’s better that the club protected its financial position than chased a dream goal.

So, who is Aston Villa's new Chairman?

*This interview may not have happened outside the author's head.

Villa need to 'fight like Marines' to survive

Aston Villa's non executive director, General Krulak says that Aston Villa can survive this season, but they will have to fight for it.

WATCH: Raise a glass for the return of Aly Cissokho

We've missed you. Kind of.

Villa Park breathes again!

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes and Aston Villa drawing a football match after playing well. It can only be 'From the Stands of Villa Park'.

Why we shouldn't damn Villa to relegation just yet

Ahead of Villa's crunch run of fixtures which will determine our place in English football, I believe that we should cherish every moment we have left in the Premier League.

Gabby's latest Instagram is adorable

Even if Gabby leaves in January and even if his form has fell off the face of the Earth, he's still a Holte End hero and he seems to be a pretty decent dad..

Future relegation battles of Aston Villa

I've seen the future and it is bleak.