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Holte History

It must be! The story of Villa’s greatest goals: Dalian Atkinson vs Wimbledon

Dalian Atkinson scored a belter for Villa years and years ago

From Aztecs to Lionesses: A Brief History of Aston Villa Ladies

Who are the Villa Ladies?

Remembering Dalian Atkinson

I spoke to my Dad and Stevie Green of the Villa Review to build a picture of a player before my time.

Holte History: 1987-88 Second Division season

Villa were last in the second division almost 30 years ago. This is the story of how they got out of it.

20 years ago today, Villa lifted a cup

Aston Villa haven't won a trophy in twenty years, but we can re-watch that glorious moment today!

When Samba took over Aston

Art of Football have launched their 'The Artists' collection, which makes it a perfect excuse to write about the time Pele himself visited Aston.

Holte History: Arsenal 1, Aston Villa 3

That was fun.

Who defied the Nazis? Aston Villa, that's who!

Without people like those in the 1938 Aston Villa team, we could be looking at a darker, and much crueler world today.

Holte History: Billy Garraty

The story of Jack Grealish and his connections back to the 1905 FA Cup-winning Villa side.

Remembering the '94 League Cup final

Aston Villa won the League Cup 21 years ago today. Let us know your memories of that great day!

A favourite returns

Marc Albrighton return to Villa Park this weekend. Here's a look back at what he meant to one Villa fan.

Holte History: Charlie Wallace

Charlie Wallace was a great player for Aston Villa, yet he's mostly famous for one missed penalty.

Holte History: James Cowan

Gabby Agbonlahor is probably the fastest player in club history, but he wasn't the first speedy standout.

Holte History: Charlie Athersmith

Charlie Athersmith was not only a great player for Aston Villa, but he once did something very amusing.

Holte History: 1897 FA Cup Final

A look back at the 1897 FA Cup Final.

Holte History: Harry Parkes

The story of Aston Villa's best player of the 1940s.

Holte History: 1983 European Cup

Aston Villa won the European Cup in 1982, but this week, we look at their defense of the trophy.

Holte History: 1930-31 Season

The story of the time Villa score 128 goals in one season.

Holte History: Boxing Day 2008

This week's Holte History takes a look a memorable Aston Villa-Arsenal match from the recent past.

Holte History: Aston Villa's First Manager

This week's Holte History is the story of the first manager in Aston Villa history.

Holte History: Billy Walker

The story of Aston Villa's All-Time Record Goal-Scorer

Holte History: Villa in the Third Division

Villa have spent most of their history in the top flight. But there was a time where they slipped to the third tier of English football.

Holte History: Howard Vaughton

The story of one Villan who holds an impressive English National Team record.

Holte History: Villans at the World Cup

Several Villa players have had their moments at a World Cup and this edition of Holte History examines that.

Holte History: Stan Crowther

Remembering the life of an Aston Villa hero.

Holte History: 1913 FA Cup Final

Aston Villa and Sunderland did not like each other.

Holte History: Death and Glory

These two player may not have been the greatest tandem in sports. But the nickname as a duo should alone put them in the conversation.

Holte History: Aston Villa 3, West Ham 0

This week's Holte History is a trip into the very recent past.

Holte History: Andy Ducat

Andy Ducat is not the best player in Villa's history, but might he be the best athlete?

Holte History: Johnny Dixon

Johnny Dixon was the captain of one of Villa's most important teams ever.

Holte History: Tommy Ball

This week's Holte History takes a look at one of Villa's darkest moments.

Holte History: Howard Spencer

Howard Spencer: great player, great person, legendary Villan.