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Dead Week

Aston Villa and Emile Heskey: a love story

Emile Heskey will not make any list of Aston Villa club legends. But he's on this one.

The eerie parallels of Lerner's Browns and Villa

During Lerner's ownership of the Cleveland Browns from 2002-12, many trends arose which are alarmingly similar to those experienced by his Villa.

50 Aston Villa jokes guaranteed to make you smile

Q: How are these jokes like an Instagram post? A: They've got #NoFilter

The joy of supporting the worst team in the league

Reflecting on what being a fan when your team is the worst team.

An open letter to Rémi Garde

You can save us, Rémi. We need saving, and you're the man for the job.

Lava Tonsil: Messing about with AVFC anagrams

Some pretty interesting things happen when you mix up the names of Aston Villa players.

It's time for a break from Aston Villa

Aston Villa have been... not great. So let's try something different for the next week.