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Aston Villa bid for Real Sociedad winger

Sergio Canales, the 23-year-old playmaker, just might come cheaply for Aston Villa.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

Things are heading up on transfer deadline day: the latest news is that Aston Villa have tabled a bid for Real Sociedad winger Sergio Canales. And this isn't just a random rumor started by Twitter, it's coming from BBC West Midlands.

This news should wipe all thoughts of Tom Cleverley from Villa fans' brains. Yes, you're familiar with Cleverley, as he's at Manchester United. But Canales is far, far, far more exciting. The playmaker is more creative than Cleverley, is quick, and is great with the ball at his feet.

And if you happened to catch news of Real Sociedad's come-from-behind win over Real Madrid, you'll be salivating over this news. Canales was part of a fantastic little one-two combination that lead to La Real's go-ahead goal.

Plus, he just might come cheaply. The 23-year-old has been dealing with injuries since he first started attracting attention at Real Madrid, which may explain why he's now at Real Sociedad. He signed on with them last January for €3.5m, and has played fairly consistently ever since. Plus, La Real are hurting for cash, so paying even a bit more than that might be welcomed.

Over this transfer window, Villa have been looking more toward Premier League experience rather than bringing in great buys from other leagues. But if Canales is a bargain, he's certainly worth a gamble. If he stays fit, he can provide the creative spark Villa have been so desperately seeking for years.