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Arsenal looks to be likely destination for Jermain Defoe, but who else is in the mix?

After Toronto FC fired head coach Ryan Nelson on Sunday, Jermain Defoe hightailed it back to England, where he's rumored to be working out a Deadline Day transfer. But where might he land?

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Yesterday, Toronto FC announced the sacking of manager Ryan Nelson and his entire coaching staff. That means, of course, a wealth of rumors linking Jermain Defoe with a return to the Premier League.

Earlier this year, Toronto seemed keen on starting off the new MLS season with a handful of glitzy buys, including Michael Bradley and the aforementioned Defoe. Defoe moved on a four-year deal, with rather absurd wages offered.

But with Nelson gone, Defoe has high-tailed it back to England, prompting gossip over which team he might be signing for. Earlier, Sky Sports offhandedly mentioned Aston Villa as one of the clubs that might be in the mix, but there are a host of other teams interested.

Arsenal may be at the top of the pile, especially since Olivier Giroud is out until January. But Arsène Wenger doesn't want to sign him permanently, not when it means he'd have to shell out £7m, so they may be after a loan deal.

Then there's Queens Park Rangers, the likely favorites. It seems like a good fit: QPR have no qualms when it comes to paying obscenely high wages, and they seem to love bringing in aging players that are past their prime. Newcastle, Hull City and Leicester have all been mentioned as well.

As for Villa, well, it doesn't make a lot of sense. The club were willing to spend £8m on Tom Cleverley, but balked when he demanded £60,000 per week in wages. With Defoe rumored to be on at least £68,000 at Toronto, it doesn't seem likely that he'd end up at Villa. And that's quite a bit of money to spend for a 31-year-old who's done little in recent years.