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Ron Vlaar isn't leaving, for Arsenal or anywhere

The defender's agent has squashed rumors of a proposed move, saying that Vlaar will remain at Aston Villa.

Stu Forster

It seems like it's been just minutes since the news broke that Arsenal are interested in making a deal for Ron Vlaar. Of course, that made Aston Villa fans very, very nervous. The captain is a rock in the center of the back line, and having him poached would be bad enough -- to have him wooed away without the opportunity to bring in a replacement could be enough to send Villa right back down into the relegation battle.

Fortunately for Villa fans, it looks like Vlaar is staying right where he is. The defender's agent put a stop to the whispers:

"There is no truth in any of the rumors. He still has a contract with Villa for one year so he will stay there," said Arnold Oosterveer. "There is nothing happening with him today."

Sorry, Arsenal, but it looks like you'll have to try your luck with Matija Nastasic. Or some other center back. We don't care, really.

Villa fans are just going to throw a party because for once, our best players won't be leaving at the deadline. Christian Benteke is staying. Ron Vlaar is staying. Another new player may even be brought in. For all the dread we felt at the beginning of the season, it's nice for once to feel this way. Is it optimism? It's been so long, it's hard to tell.