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Spanish side now in the hunt for Manchester United's Tom Cleverley

Alex Livesey

Yesterday, we learned Aston Villa were ready to spend some actual money. Like, to the tune of £8m. And they were prepared to spend it on Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley.

But now it seems that move might be hijacked by a Spanish side:

Valencia finished 8th in La Liga last season, outside the European places. Obviously a higher finish than Aston Villa, but whether an Englishman would consider a move to not-Real Madrid or not-Barcelona an actual upgrade over lower-table Premier League sides, well...well it probably has to do with the money on the table.

Holtecast tackles transfer rumours

Now, there's a lot of debate about whether Cleverley would be a worthwhile addition to the Villa side -- at least, at his £8m price tag and whatever highish wages he's earning. He's an average player right now, but many feel he's been held back at United. Should he move back to a more attacking position, he may provide a spark needed by Villa.

Or, you know, he might not. Should Villa fans be glad Valencia are threatening to steal their deal -- not to mention reported interest from both Everton and Arsenal -- or upset because Cleverley would be a good buy?