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Cleverley Set to Sign Permanent Deal

Loan deal looks to be cut short as ex-United man finds a new home.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Tom Cleverley rather awkwardly walked into Aston Villa after a summer deadline day where he initially rejected the club's advances before coming back to sign after Everton rejected him. This did not exactly endear him to the Villa faithful, whom can't be blamed for not wanting a guy who doesn't want them!

Well, bygones will be bygones, Cleverley has performed well enough for the Villa to cut short his loan deal and make a permanent transfer to the Birmingham club after a few rocky years in Manchester.  The real question remains as to what the transfer fee for a out of contract player will be. Rumours and speculation seem to point at a fee of around 7.5 million pounds, which many believe to be far too much, even for a player of Cleverley's calibre. Friend of the blog, Sam Tighe (@Stighefootball on Twitter) has said that the fee is likely closer to half of that, a fee of around 3.5 or 4 million pounds. The more reasonable 3.5 million for Cleverley would be an absolute steal and soften the loss of Fabian Delph, who the club look set to lose  in January or Summer