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More clubs join the Jack Grealish transfer hunt in a game that Villa will always win

The hunt for Grealish is growing stronger - and so does Villa’s position

Aston Villa v Middlesbrough - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Tottenham’s long standing interest in our Jack Grealish is well known. For some Villa fans it’s a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ Grealish eventually completes a move to Tottenham at some point in the future.

It’s always been Tottenham with Grealish since about 2017. Tottenham, Tottenham, Tottenham. Nevermind the fact that Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United circled back in 2015 - Jack Grealish’s destiny has always seemed to be placed at

A fair amount of loose transfer gossip is now assigning both Bournemouth and West Ham to join Spurs in the now seemingly grouped role of ‘Jack Grealish Pursuers’. If true, that’s gravy. Sound. Come for him if you dare. Villa win anyway. This is a best case scenario for Villa. Jack almost left in the summer for £25 million - but after another incredible season in the Championship (and the addition of a long-term contract) he may have just increased his value by a fair margin. What’s more, if Bournemouth and West Ham really are considering a bid for Grealish, they might persuade Tottenham to part with serious money - especially after an odd season in the transfer department.

It’ll hurt Villa to lose him. It’ll hurt bloody well good. It’ll be a stabbing pain and the club might feel a bit hollow to us for a while. As much as we’ve been following Villa, we’ve also been invested in the growth of Grealish. At the very least, Villa have another midfield cult star in John McGinn AND a young youth graduate who gets kicked about a lot. Add some hefty compensation into the mix and you’ve got a win-win scenario with one large question: how do you even go about replacing Grealish?

For now, we’ll delay the answer - because there’s still one thing one the cards. Jack Grealish might yet drag Villa to the ‘promised land’ and if the career options on the cards are West Ham and Bournemouth, is it worth him parting the seas to move on?