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Gossip: Who are the latest players linked with a move to Aston Villa?

Who are the latest names to be linked with a move to Aston Villa?

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League 2

Welcome to our latest Aston Villa transfer roundup. We’re halfway into the Janaury Transfer Window and there have been a lot of moves already. Aston Villa have signed two players, but have yet to action any outgoings.

Yesterday, Aston Villa were once again linked with Rico Henry and Romaine Sawyers. Are these moves happening or not? Have they happened already and we are simply unaware waiting doe the dotting of Is and the crossing of Ts? In some alternate plane of reality, are Villa deploying Sawyers in training ahead of a class with Hull? Who knows.

The only thing I do know right now is that the below players are the latest to be linked with a move to Aston Villa FC.

So, who is entering our transfer lodge today?

Ashley Cole

Is it 2009? Aston Villa were linked to the signing of Ashley Cole, but the elder statesman of the left-back position has opted to sign with (Frank Lampard’s) Derby County FC. Who could have seen this coming?

Well, not John Terry at the very least who had been on a mission (apparently) to persuade Cole to sign with Villa (apparently). Villa shouldn’t be too sad though - simply because Cole’s wages would not be at all welcome at the Villa.

Islam Slimani

Is it 2015? Aston Villa have been linked to a loan deal that will see Islam Slimani join until the end of the season. Reports from Turkey suggest that Slimani will ditch Fenerbahce and cut his loan spell there short, head back to Leicester City and then back out to Villa.

Slimani who joined Leicester a few seasons ago for just shy of £30 (thirty!) million, hasn’t enjoyed the best of times in the East Midlands, nor elsewhere, and has the demeanour of someone whom you might panic buy in a Football Manager save and forget he exists entirely.

The goal net has also forgotten Slimani exists and Leicester seem to be hoping that Slimani either finds it in another loan spell, or plays himself out of their hands. Again, the wages involved in any deal to bling Slimani across to Villa Park are simply sickening.

James McCarthy

Is it 2012? Aston Villa have been linked to toEverton’s James McCarthy, who is wanted off the books by his current club. While he’s no doubt a talented midfielder, McCarthy has a lot to prove after suffering a near crippling leg break a while back. He’ll have plenty to offer for Villa at Championship level, but he’s the latest in a long line of expensive loan deals that are being linked with AVFC. That’s not enticing, at all.

Charlie Colkett

If a player currently plying his trade for the Chelsea reserves is being linked with a club, it is usually going to be either Derby Country (of Frank Lampard fame) or Aston Villa.

The latest player to be linked with a move from the Chelsea to the Championship is Charlie Colkett. Colkett is wanted by both Villa and Osterlunds on a - and get this - a 12 month loan deal. It’s the most long term of any current Villa rumour.

Colkett is no doubt talented and despite some loan struggles, a move to Villa might be the best thing for him and his career.

Thought for the day

At what point does the subversion of genre norms become a genre norm?

Will this be a daily thing? Who knows. Stay tuned for the moves that DO happen, though...