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Despite Premier League interest, Aston Villa probably shouldn't cash in on Jack Grealish

Not for that price, anyway.

Aston Villa v Cardiff City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

‘News’ is breaking from the Daily Mirror that former Premier League Champions, Leicester City, are lining up a multi-million pound deal for Jack Grealish if Villa fail to reach the promised land at the end of this current campaign.

Apparently, Leicester ‘scouts’ have lined up Jack as a 10, to play in the ‘hole’ and deliver a bit of excitement to the King Power. If it has taken a few scouts to realise Jack Grealish’s obvious qualities, then Leicester really are suffering in the recruitment department.

The fantasy deal is rumoured to be worth around £20 million, which would represent a low-ball fee for Grealish, who would be worth twice that fee if Villa were placed ten positions higher in the current English football pyramid.

Will Villa sell? Probably not, because cashing in on Grealish, an asset of the highest value to Villa would be idiocy. Grealish is committed to Villa and could have surely moved to a larger club earlier on in his career, but has stayed put. I expect that to continue through at least one more contract at Aston Villa. The fee? If true, it’s not worth considering, at all. I’d much rather make use of Grealish for two years than allow him to move to Leicester. It makes more sense, and there’s no guarantee at all that Villa would be able to use that fee to improve the team in a responsible manner. Especially if that fee simply means we lose Grealish and gain Robert Snodgrass on a permanent basis.

For now? It’s fantasy.