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One of the last remnants of the Paul Lambert era has left Aston Villa

Leandro’s gone and only Jed remains!

Hull City v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Aston Villa have completed the sale of Leandro Bacuna to Reading FC and with it, the memory of Paul Lambert has faded almost completely from Villa, with only one of his buys remaining.

Bacuna’s sale has raked in a fair bit for Villa. The £3 million that Reading have paid represents a profit of over 300% of what Villa paid for Bacuna all those years ago.

The Dutch-born midfielder heads to Reading a man scorned and will likely do everything he can to ensure he proves himself to a fanbase that turned on him - and he might feature against Villa in a few days time.

Was Bacuna good enough for Villa? Not likely - but the £800,000 buy from Groningen has made Villa a profit, and that’s some sort of gift for Villa fans. With a lot of bad memories coming from Bacuna’s time at Villa, we can also now reflect on just a few moments of magic - genuine glee - that Bacuna brought to the club. It’s just a shame that it wasn’t a regular, or even semi-regular thing.

Good luck Leo, just don’t find your form when you play Villa.