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Carles Gil rejoins Deportivo de La Coruña on loan

Aston Villa have loaned Carles Gil back to Spain.

Swansea City v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Carles Gil - Football Manager legend, one-time Villa cult hero and now a key part of Villa’s new look bomb squad is leaving the club. The clever winger is, once again, heading to Spain for the upcoming campaign as Pepe Mel’s Deportivo de La Coruña take him on loan, once more.

This goes against the reports that were out that it was going to be a 2 million transfer. The truth may be somewhere in the middle with fees/covering wages. There is a future fee to be inserted in Gil’s loan deal, but there is no sign if it is optional or mandatory.

Gil won’t be a huge miss for Aston Villa, who have been without him for a season already, but one wonders what the point of loaning these players out is - especially if they could serve some sort of use for Villa. A loan deal doesn’t necessarily save Villa from the bite of financial fair play, so permanent transfers are needed.

Carles will be looking to build on last season, and will return to Villa once more when his next campaign finishes - however, he won’t likely stay.