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Jordan Amavi’s move to Sevilla has hit the rocks

Jordan Amavi’s failed medical means he’s still a Villan, for now.

Aston Villa v Stoke City - Barclays Premier League Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images

It looks like Aston Villa’s left-back woes may have been solved, in some form for the time being. Jordan Amavi might be heading back to the club.

Jordan Amavi departed Aston Villa over the weekend to Sevilla FC, but it looks like that move has been cancelled - or delayed at the very least. According to the Journal of Seville, @ diariosevilla report that Sevilla have balked at signing Amavi after a failed medical.

It seems that Sevilla will search for a new left-back, while Jordan Amavi is left in limbo. It is hinted that his knee is the big worry, after suffering a cruciate injury while on international duty back in 2015. This news does point towards at a lack of recovery for Amavi, and might explain some of his performances last year.

This is pretty bad news for all parties. Jordan might be carrying a career-ruining injury, Sevilla need to go shopping again and Villa won’t be able to fill out their transfer kitty. We’ll keep you updated.