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Aston Villa owner hints at first move of the summer

Tony Xia’s transfer conundrums return!

Aston Villa v Birmingham City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

As transfer season gets underway - this means a new thing for Villa fans. It means that Aston Villa’s charismatic owner actually gets the chequebook out so that the club can sign players. This is a new development for Villa fans who haven’t seen any serious action take place with transfers since the club signed Christian Benteke once. Thanks to last year, we can actually expect transfers to be a part of Aston Villa!

That comes with a cost though. Dr Tony likes to talk and he likes to interact with his fans - and fans of the club, of course. He’s got his own style of doing it - just so you know, before you get excited.

If we go back to January, when Aston Villa signed Bjarnason, Hourihane, Hogan, Johnstone and Lansbury - Xia hinted at the deals via social media. He did it in a different way to his summer method though. In the summer, he simply took photos of deals, players and contracts. He reigned it in for the winter though - and took to a mathematical method. Sometimes this was just a percentage - for example, a tweet of 25% would mean the deal is a quarter done. Others were a bit more complex like (15%+37%) -75%+99%. It was a bit of a fun - but plenty of Villa fans got a bit annoyed.

If that got them worked up, Xia’s new method will as well. He’s taken to emoji’s this time around.

Could this be the rumoured John Terry deal? Probably not. Who knows?