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Charles N'Zogbia linked to Sunderland, link almost instantly refuted

Charles N'Zogbia does not appear to be headed to Sunderland.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

For a few minutes there, rumours were wildly circulating on Twitter that Sunderland were going to make a bid for Charles N'Zogbia. They were going to pay actual money to take N'Zogbia off of our wage bill. I don't begrudge N'Zogbia his contract (it was, after all, the club's fault for signing) but getting it gone would be a nice little piece of business.

Unfortunately, those links have been pretty thoroughly refuted now. Here's what one Sunderland beat writer had to say on the issue:

And then a few minutes later came this follow-up:

So N'Zogbia doesn't look to be going anywhere right now. Or at least he doesn't look to be headed to Sunderland. And with fewer than 20 minutes left in the window, I can't imagine him leaving.