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Aston Villa officially lose out on Liverpool defender

Aston Villa have let an exciting young defensive prospect go.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Four months and seven days ago, I wrote this headline:

Ilori Season Long

Today, I get to tell you this: It wasn't season-long. Liverpool have made it official today that Ilori is returning to Anfield after only four months and seven days.

Now why, in a season that is just a flaming pile of dung, would Aston Villa not take a chance on an exciting young Portuguese defender who can play anywhere along the back line. It's not like an implosion from him would hurt anything, and who knows, maybe he could be great! If he were, we could sign him full-time and get some help dragging ourselves up next year. With all of the potential upside, there has to be a good reason to not use him, right? Perhaps he was injured.

Nope. Ilori looks set to make his senior Liverpool debut in the FA Cup today.

So, uh. That leaves us with... um... Villa being stupid.

So long, Tiago. We, literally, hardly knew ya.