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MLS Team launch late bid for Aston Villa star

And so it begins. The worst transfer deadline day of our time.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

'twas the night before deadline day and.. a unsurprising transfer rumour story emerged.

Two weeks ago, it emerged that the LA Galaxy were lurking to snap up Aston Villa's Joleon Lescott.

The Mirror have today reported that a bid is surfacing for Lescott, which funnily enough, is the exact same bid as before (three year contract, small fee).

Should Lescott move to the MLS, he will certainly be of the quality where he can make a difference, and Galaxy fans should be excited at this move. Aston Villa fans will be disappointed with the loss of Lescott considering his recent performances for the team. The Mirror have also reported that if this bid fails, then the Galaxy will return to make a free transfer in the Summer.

And thus, what may be Aston Villa's most forgettable transfer window in the history of the team begins.


Why the Mirror have wrote about this, I've seemingly no idea. I had an inkling they may be regurgitating an old article, but the LA Galaxy won't be signing Lescott right now.


Because they've got no salary cap space.