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Aston Villa may have massive setback in transfer move for Kalinic

Twitter reports say that Lovre Kalinic may not get a work permit. If true, that would stink.

Epsilon/Getty Images

Alright, break out all of your grains of salt so that you can take this news with them. But according to a random twitter report that is currently spreading like wildfire, Aston Villa may have been foiled in their bid to get Croatian goalkeeper Lovre Kalinic by, of all things, a work permit. Here's the tweet that started off the speculation:

The tweet links to an article, in Croatian, that seems to echo that the work permit has been rejected. If this is all true, it would be a huge setback for Villa and really depressing news.

But I'll put a pretty big emphasis on the IF here. I'm not familiar with either of these sources, and the twitter account itself seems to have a pretty hit-and-miss track record. As a result, I'm not comfortable trusting this too much. So for right now, perhaps the best course of action is to prepare for bad news, but not necessarily expect it. We'll keep you updated as more news develops.