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Aston Villa send left back out on loan, leaving almost no depth at position

Joe Bennett is headed to Sheffield Wednesday on loan, and that doesn't seem all that smart.

David Rogers/Getty Images

Aston Villa have sent left back Joe Bennett on loan to Sheffield Wednesday for the rest of the season today. Let's start by getting one thing straight: Joe Bennett, at this point, is not a great left back. He may not even be a good one. He's appeared once this season for Villa and then went on loan to Bournemouth where he didn't play.

But boy do I hate this move. Aly Cissokho is back and is, in theory, our starting left back for the foreseeable future. With Jordan Amavi out, that makes a lot of sense. The problem becomes: what happens if Cissokho gets injured? When Amavi was first injured we realized that Villa had absolutely no depth at the position. People wondered if we could recall Bennett or Cissokho. Kieran Richardson suddenly became our starting left back and that is not good.

Regardless of what Bennett can do right now, I have to believe that he's at least as adept at left back as Richardson, and probably a bit better. Letting him go after we've already been through this problem once this year seems silly.

Now, there could be plans to bring in another left back before the month is out, and if that happens, I withdraw any worry. But until then, we're left hoping that Aly Cissokho doesn't get injured. And we all know what happens when Villa hope for a player not getting injured.

What do you think? I'm genuinely curious to see if anyone else is as nervous about this move as I am. Let me know in the comments!