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Despite window closing, Villa move for Liverpool's Ilori is not dead

Liverpool and Aston Villa couldn't finish the Tiago Ilori move before 6 PM, but the deal is still alive.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The news of Aston Villa looking to snag Liverpool defender Tiago Ilori escalated quickly. At first it was just an enquiry and before we knew it terms had been agreed to. But the two sides were unable to complete the move before the 6 PM transfer deadline in England. Nevertheless, the move is still on thanks to both having submitted a deal sheet before the deadline.

Bascially, the deal sheet is an agreement between the two clubs that says "we've agreed on a fee and player(s) involved." If it is submitted by the deadline, the two clubs are granted a two-hour extension in which to hammer out any last details of the move.

As it stands, Aston Villa are looking to pay £1 million for a one-year loan of Ilori that would include an option to buy the 22-year-old centre-back at the end of the season if they want. We'll let you know if and when a deal goes through.