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Aston Villa transfer news: Berbatov at Bodymoor Heath

Dimitar Berbatov is apparently at Bodymoor Heath, adding fuel to the fire that Aston Villa may sign him.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

There are plenty of in-the-know (ITK) types on twitter that I wouldn't trust at all. The type of people who tweet "______ is at White Hart Lane!" or "_____ seen leaving Bodymoor Heath." And then there are a few journalists who I would trust to the ends of the Earth. Sam Tighe falls into the latter category, and he's got some news for us:

Sam's sources may be wrong, but I have no doubt whatsoever that he did a bit of checking before sending out that tweet, so I'm working on the assumption that Berbatov is in fact at Villa's training grounds. That would certainly seem to suggest that Aston Villa are indeed on the verge of signing him.

As we've already talked about today, Berbatov doesn't have to complete a deal before the deadline, since he is a free agent. But he does need to have a deal finished by Thursday at 5 PM if he is to play in the Premier League before January.