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Aston Villa transfer news: West Ham deal erases opportunity for Moses signing

Victor Moses has signed a year-long loan at West Ham and that ends that rumour for Aston Villa.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

It's not often that West Ham transfer news merits a mention here, but that's deadline day for you. Just last week there were rumours that Victor Moses might be heading to Aston Villa. Moses isn't all that well-loved by Chelsea fans, but simply because you're not Chelsea standard doesn't mean that you wouldn't be a good fit at most of the other teams in the Premier League.

But the move is not meant to be, as West Ham have signed Moses to a year-long loan just a few minutes after Chelsea locked him up to a new four-year deal. Moses can bring some creativity to a West Ham side who have already scored nine goals this season. One wonders if Jose Mourinho saw West Ham thrash Liverpool over the weekend and decided that Moses could do well to play for such a side.

Regardless, the move puts an end to any chance of him headed to Villa Park, at least for this season. Who knows where the vaunted Chelsea loan machine will send him next year?