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Adebayor's move from Spurs is dead, unless it isn't

Tim Sherwood has killed the Emmanuel Adebayor move, and also kept it alive.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Tim Sherwood is some sort of magician. In today's press conference he simultaneously killed and kept alive the possibility of Emmanuel Adebayor moving from Tottenham to Aston Villa. Sherwood said:

"We had discussions and he is still a Tottenham player so obviously something went wrong. If it can be revived, and we think it is necessary, the two parties have to agree on it but at the moment there is no agreement."

That's a pretty amazing statement that says nothing, really. To recap: It's not going to happen, unless it does.


Sherwood did confirm that Adebayor had passed a medical at Villa, but if rumours are to be believed, the move is being held up by the fact that the striker doesn't want to relocate from London to Birmingham. And Sherwood doesn't want him commuting. So apparently that's that.

Villa still probably need to add a strong central striker, so if nothing else this move means that there is more action to be had in the transfer window. That action could be Adebayor or it could be someone else. This update has been brought to you by someone. Or maybe it hasn't.