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Villa reportedly looking at Tottenham's Aaron Lennon

Well this is a rumour that's sure to divide opinions.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Tim Sherwood is apparently considering a £5 million bid for Tottenham right winger Aaron Lennon. A report, from the Daily Mail, says that Sherwood is looking at the 28-year-old as a means of bringing British "balance in the squad and dressing room" after a summer flurry of mostly foreign signings. If that's the reason for the move, it's a dumb one. But there are some that wouldn't be so dumb.

Lennon is a winger who will never bring too many goals to his game, and he's not a great crosser. That said, he has blistering pace, an ability to confound defenders, and doesn't hesitate to get back and defend a bit himself. He looked decently impressive in six months with Everton on loan last season, but the real question here is whether or not he's enough of an upgrade on the right side to merit an investment.

I'm of the mind that Lennon could be an improvement on the right, at least as a player to add depth. He's certainly a step up from Charles N'Zogbia, and if he's played with Leandro Bacuna in the right back position, the duo could be a potent attacking force without being too much of a defensive liability.

That said, if this is a move that doesn't materialise, I won't be losing any sleep over it. What do you think? Does Lennon have a place in the team, and is he worth the move?