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Villa expected to unveil Barcelona winger before Manchester United match

The week of Adama Traoré looks to be set to come to a close.

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David Ramos/Getty Images

A report from the Telegraph's John Percy says that Aston Villa are expected to unveil Adama Traoré as their newest signing before kick-off against Manchester United on Friday. The 19-year-old Barcelona winger has been the subject of intense (and often confusing) speculation this week as it has been widely reported that he will be joining Tim Sherwood's team as the tenth signing of the summer.

Percy's report says that the deal will be for £7 million, which is in line with what we heard from The Star yesterday (but lower than the Mail and higher than the supposed release clause). I'm more inclined to believe this number because I can't really see Percy being the "just make it up" type on something like this.

In case you missed it, Sam Tighe at Blecher Report had an excellent in-depth look at Traoré today. In brief the takeaways were that, while the winger has some flaws (an over-reliance on himself over teammates, for one) he is an exceptionally gifted player who will combine pace and dribbling control to pose a wide threat to defense across England. If you need a reason to be excited about this move, that story has it for you.