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Leicester may scuttle Veretout deal before Villa can finish it

According to French reports, Leicester have outbid Aston Villa for Nantes midfielder Jordan Veretout.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

We heard late last night that Aston Villa had entered a €10 million bid for FC Nantes midfielder Jordan Veretout. If twitter was to be believed today, that bid had been accepted and the consummation of the deal was nothing more than a matter of finishing the paperwork. But new reports from France suggest that Leicester may be trying to scuttle the deal:

Well then, that's interesting. If the reports earlier that a bid had been accepted were true, this doesn't make much sense. If Nantes were willing to accept €10 million why would Foxes pay more than that? Nantes, of course, would be free to accept both bids and let the two English clubs war over personal terms with Veretout, but there's no reason why they would hold a higher price to one club than another.

The other obvious possibility is that Nantes had not accepted a bid from Aston Villa and that Leicester are offering more to try and get them to accept.

Or, there is the third option: Leicester have not bid.

At this point we should probably just wait for some better information. If you want to go on what we have, the press have basically spent the day reporting this deal as finished, so it would be odd to see it ended at this point. Regardless, the Veretout deal seems less "done" than it did a few hours ago. Let's get it finished and then we can talk.