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Is N’Zogbia leaving clues with bizarre Twitter activity?

Charles N'Zogbia is acting oddly on twitter, and it may give us a hint at the future.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Charles N'Zogbia was, until this summer, the most expensive player that Aston Villa had purchased since Darren Bent. He has also been a pretty massive flop at the club. In between random spells of bright play and glimmers of potential he has had long stretches of play that is equal parts uncreative and wasteful. But he has inexplicably remained a fairly regular fixture in Villa lineups despite his obvious problems.

But with cryptic clues on Twitter the French midfielder may be signaling that his time with Aston Villa is up. He first purged his account bio of any mention of Aston Villa and unfollowed the club. Then, to wrap the mystery in enigma, he tweeted the following two messages:

Sounds pretty much like he's being moved away or just plain ol' released. Of course it could be neither, as N'Zogbia is a bit of an eccentric, but these are some pretty strong hints that we may not be seeing much of the 29-year-old this season.

Then again, googly eyes + dollar bills may just mean that he's starring in a Geico commercial.