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Benteke's transfer to Liverpool expected to complete within 24 hours

Christian Benteke is expected to be a member of Liverpool within 24 hours.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

It's time to get your last-minute goodbyes in. Gregg Evans is reporting that Christian Benteke will be a member of Liverpool within 24 hours, pending the results of a second day of medicals. We've known for a while that the move is coming, and it shouldn't be a mournful moment when it does. Nevertheless, losing the man who has (pretty unarguably) been the club's best player for the past three years is always tough.

That said, you can't hold the move against Benteke. He's been clear that he wants to step up, and he's done yeoman's work for Aston Villa. The incoming fee (slightly less than £30 million after Genk are paid their sell-on fee) can help re-stock the club and build for the future. If there is one regret here, it is actually on Benteke's behalf: he's going to a club where, if reaction around the internet is to be judged, the fans don't want him. He's an incredible player who is absolutely good enough for Liverpool and who should probably have been snapped up by the likes of Manchester United.

But that's neither here nor there. He's getting a step up, and he's getting rewarded for incredible play. We'll bring you the news when this is official, but for now: goodbye and good luck, Christian. Thanks for being so damn good.