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Aston Villa make Amavi move officially official

After we heard it from Nice earlier, we've now got more details on Jordan Amavi's move to Aston Villa.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

We heard that Villa had placed a bid. We heard that Villa had really placed a bit. We heard from Nice that Jordan Amavi was headed to Aston Villa. And now, finally, we have it from Villa themselves: Jordan Amavi is our new left back! While Villa list the fee as "undisclosed" it is widely speculated to be in the £9-10 million range, which is a great price for a young player who has the skill to be a potent attacking threat and the presence of mind to be a defensive asset.

Even better from Villa is the news that Amavi is here on a five-year contract that will see him with the club through the 2019-2020 season. In reality, he may not be here quite that long given Villa's need to make money by selling players, but it's a long enough contract for him to settle in and become a great player and thus command a good fee.

If you're looking to know more about Amavi, I'd highly recommend this scouting report from Outside of the Boot. In the meantime: Welcome, Jordan! Now please be the fix we're all dying to see at left back.