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VIDEO: Fan reactions to Delph's transfer to Manchester City

Cole is back from TalkAstonVilla to look at reactions to the Fabian Delph move.

Let's review the timeline, shall we?

August 2014: Fabian Delph has one season left on his contract. Nothing is done.

January 2015: Delph signs a new contract with an £8 million buy-out clause. Pledges loyalty to Aston Villa.

Friday, July 10: Fabian Delph is leaving! Off to Manchester City!

Saturday, July 11: No, we were just kidding. He's here. Forever. Pledges loyalty to Aston Villa.

Friday, July 17: Nope, he's actually leaving this time. For realsies. We promise.

And so, as you can imagine, Aston Villa fans have lots of feelings about this situation. And many of them are far from charitable. But, as he always does, Cole from TalkAstonVilla is here to collect what everyone has to say and give it to you in a fair way.

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