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Delph gives meaningless, contemptible explanation for departure

Fabian Delph has tried to explain away his waffling. Spoiler alert: it's not enough.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

As I've said numerous times since we first thought Fabian Delph was leaving for Manchester City last Friday: I get it. It's a move that makes both footballing and financial sense. But I also understand everyone's anger at Delph. It's not that he's moving, it's that he's moving after not one but two public declarations of loyalty to the club. It's the fact that he is moving after telling us that Aston Villa meant enough to him to turn down Champions League football at City. It's the fact that after all of that, after soaking in our love and adoration, he turned and chased the money.

Fabian Delph basically took a dump on fans. And in the doing, he made Aston Villa look like villains. The club published a statement from Delph last week. It was his second such statement, and since it was on the site it looks like it came from Villa. But you'll notice, it says "player statement." That wasn't the club's choice. That was Delph's. And the club ran it because why wouldn't they? Their captain says, "I'm coming back and I want to tell the world." Their job is to market the club and they did that. And now they look like idiots for doing exactly what they should.

But let's let Delph have his say. Maybe he has a great reason for leaving. Here he is in the Birmingham Mail. I've edited this down a lot, please go there and read the full statement.

"I initially turned down the opportunity to join Manchester City. That decision was purely down to the love I have for Aston Villa and their great supporters... My decision to stay initially was purely based on the emotion and feelings that I hold for the club... I am now excited for the future with Manchester City and helping the club to succeed in the coming season and beyond."

And no, I did not edit out an explanation. To sum up "I love Aston Villa, but I love City now, too!" In other words "They paid me SO MUCH MONEY."

There's no need to make this personal. Fabian Delph may be a wonderful human being who has gotten some terrible advice from his agent. Or a great person who is just an absolute idiot. Or he may be an evil so and so. But that's neither here nor there. What he is for certain is a player who played with Villa fans, and a player who, when given the chance, couldn't even account for himself.

Good riddance.