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BBC Sport "can confirm" Delph medical with Manchester City

There's a lot of speculation about Fabian Delph heading to Manchester City, but the BBC are using some pretty strong language.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Minutes ago, I wrote that we shouldn't all be panicking about Fabian Delph leaving for Manchester City based on a grainy photo and a lot of speculation. But we can add a bit more weight to that speculation now, and it might be time to contemplate that panic. In their live stream update of the day's sport news, they wrote that they "can confirm Fabian Delph's £8m move from Aston Villa to Manchester City is back on and the 25-year-old England midfielder is currently undergoing a medical."

That's pretty strong language. And while the BBC has certainly gotten things wrong before, they tend to lag a bit behind on stories, mostly because they actually wait until the things they say can actually be sourced and proven. It's not a guarantee that Delph is headed to City yet, but if the BBC is saying this, I feel pretty safe in thinking that Delph actually did undergo a medical.

And since that comes from a live stream, in case anything changes, I've screen capped the original:

Delph BBC