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Oddsmakers suspended wagering on Delph transfer to Manchester City

Sky Bet have suspended wagering on a Fabian Delph transfer to Manchester City.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

With each passing day the rumours mount of Aston Villa captain Fabian Delph leaving. Generally the target is Manchester City and generally there is some mention of a buy-out clause in the £8-10 million range. Today we've got yet another such story as Sky Bet have suspended wagering on a Delph to Manchester City move.

So Delph's leaving, right? Not so fast. Suspended betting simply means that so many people were wagering on this that it wasn't a smart move for the oddsmakers to leave it open. Sure, people could be betting because there is some inside knowledge, but they could also be betting simply because Delph didn't go to Portugal. You know. Because he's expecting a second child soon.

For reference, betting has been suspended this summer on such things as Morgan Schneiderlin to Spurs (now he looks to be headed to Manchester United) or Charlie Austin to (team name) (when no one has any idea what's happening there). It's also happened on Micah Richards to Aston Villa.

Suspended betting could mean nothing and it could mean everything. If you feel like reading a lot into the entrails of the rumour bird, feel free. If you'd rather not play at being the Oracle of Delph-i, feel free to wait for more concrete news.