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Reports: Liverpool close in on finalising Benteke deal. Or not!

Depending on what you read today, Christian Benteke is ready to leave Aston Villa for Liverpool. Or not.

Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images

TalkSPORT are reporting that Liverpool have agreed on a deal to take star Belgian striker Christian Benteke away from Aston Villa. Their "Anfield Insider" Graham Beecroft said on the radio that "Liverpool have done their work and have sealed a deal."

Alright then, that does it. Now we just need to hear the final numbers. Maybe it's the full £32.5 million in Benteke's release clause or maybe it's just the £25 million we've been hearing for a while from Liverpool.

Or maybe it's none of the above. Because according to the Birmingham Mail's Gregg Evans, there is no deal in place. And Evan's doesn't mince words on this in the slightest. "Aston Villa have not struck a deal with Liverpool for striker Christian Benteke despite reports suggesting otherwise this morning."

Well then.

Christian Benteke may be signing for Liverpool eventually. And he may leave Aston Villa this summer. But today I'm going to go ahead and trust Evans on this one. The Birmingham Mail are infinitely more trustable than TalkSPORT and Evans has a very good track record with no history of stirring up rumours for the sake of it. So don't hold your breath for imminent sale news.