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Villareal and Real Sociedad rumoured to be interested in Villa midfielder

Aston Villa midfielder Carles Gil is reportedly attracting transfer attention from Spain.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

According to TalkSport, Spanish side Celta Vigo have placed a £3 million bid for out of favor Aston Villa midfielder Carles Gil, but they face competition from fellow La Liga members Real Sociedad and Villareal. Gil arrived at Aston Villa in the January transfer window, and he was one of the lone bright spots in the long, dark, pre-Tim Sherwood days this winter. The Spanish attacking mid, who can play on both sides of the pitch, added a creative spark that the team was sorely missing.

When Sherwood arrived, though, Gil quickly fell out of favor and made only two appearances. It's unclear if Sherwood just didn't like Gil in Villa's situation or if he doesn't rate him at all. Either way, it's pretty easy to imagine Villa letting him go if they can recoup most of their ~£3 million transfer fee.

But as easy as this could be to see happening, the current rumour comes from TalkSport. It's not sourced at all and I hardly trust them, so take this with a big grain of salt. It's one of those things that shouldn't surprise you if it happens, but you should probably not spend much time worrying about it.