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Holtecast: Leeds United Preview with Jon Mackenzie

In a midweek Holtecast James is joined by a returning Jon Mackenzie to preview Villa’s upcoming clash with Leeds United.

Thirty Three Former Circus Lions Are Airlifted Back To South African Sanctuary Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Aston Villa have now made history, by winning their last ten games in a row!

Up next are Leeds United, enduring an ever-so-slightly traumatic end to their league season. Tipped to go up as Champions of the league by many, it now looks as though Leeds will have to settle for a play-off campaign - almost certainly so if they are to lose to the Villa on the weekend.

To preview this crucial clash, James is joined by writer Jon Mackenzie. The pair talk about Leeds United’s season, the Pablo Hernandez vs Jack Grealish debate, ‘bottling it’, Marcelo Bielsa and Sunday’s massive game. You can tune in below.

Enjoy the podcast and Up The Villa!

Oh, and thank you very much for your kind reviews of the show - it means a lot.

James also featured on The Villa View - so here’s a bonus match preview:


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