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Holtecast: Should Villa fans expect better?

Villa head into a Brentford game with 7 points, and fans expecting a bit more.

Thirty Three Former Circus Lions Are Airlifted Back To South African Sanctuary Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

We’re three games into the new season, and with 7 points. This is uncharted territory for Villa - yet there is something odd lying underneath it all. It doesn’t feel like Villa have gotten started, at all, and a meagre 1-1 against Ipswich has been the catalyst for some frustration.

The Holtecast is back as James Rushton is joined by Stevie Green to talk about the Yeovil match and the Ipswich game, goalkeeping errors, Brentford and Steve Bruce. While there’s plenty to be positive, Aston Villa feel a bit... off right now.

Still, it could all be a going much worse - but where is improvement going to come from, and have Villa hit a ceiling under Bruce?

The Holtecast is an Aston Villa podcast, and you can listen in below!


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