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Aston Villa can’t discount administration as they fail to pay £4 million tax bill on time

This week’s Holtecast trades issues on the pitch, for issues off of the pitch

Thirty Three Former Circus Lions Are Airlifted Back To South African Sanctuary Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

We’re just over a week away from a play-off final loss. We’re already talking about administration, a threat that cannot truly be discounted after Aston Villa’s cash flow issues were questioned following the emergence of a missed tax payment.

Still, as we say, life goes on.

Dani Raza and myself update you on the issues regarding Villa’s tax bill, Keith Wyness’ suspension, the Chinese money lockup, the potential threat of administration, liquidation and insolvency before finishing on a smaller, positive note.

We didn’t think this would be our content a week or so after the play-off final! Is this the new season of Arrested Development?

The Holtecast is an Aston Villa podcast, and you can listen in below!


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