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Holtecast 139, an Aston Villa podcast: Villa hit the snooze button

Seems like Villa were on an extended break this weekend! James and Dani are here to talk it all through

Thirty Three Former Circus Lions Are Airlifted Back To South African Sanctuary Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Ah. You kind of wish we were still on break? Right? Nothing better than a bore-draw away at Hull to get that football feeling flowing once more, right? Right?

No. Things could have went a lot better at the KCOM.

Daniel Raza and James Rushton are back with the Holtecast to digest the Hull City game, and preview the coming matches against Reading and Norwich.


Team Dani - 2

Team James - 0

Dani got the Preston 1-1 spot on to take a lead a few weeks ago, and he got the Sunderland score right. Two nil to that man.

The Holtecast is an Aston Villa podcast, and you can tune in below!

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