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Holtecast 116: The Sheriffs of Nottingham

Aston Villa are kicking ass and taking names - for once. James Rushton and Jack Grimse dissect the action

Aston Villa v Middlesbrough - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images,

Aston Villa win, twice within a week, and that’s good. What’s better? Having Jack Grimse back on the Holtecast. BeIn Sports took Jack away from our clutches, so that is why you’re stuck with James and his rotation of guests.

But Jack is back! And that’s good news, especially when dissecting a Villa win - and some choice comments from Aston Villa’s CEO that could be taken in one of a few ways.

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Aston Villa are back, we're back and the Holtecast is back. There have been a number of developments over the Summer, meaning that Robert and Jack can no longer commit to a weekly podcast between the two.

However, 7500toHolte ran two podcasts and they now morph. James will be moving to host the Holtecast and will bring on someone from the world of Aston Villa to speak about the weekly developments of the club.