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Holtecast episode 110: Oh, Bloody Hull!

James Rushton and Jack Grimse return to discuss Villa. Bloody Villa.

Aston Villa are back, we're back and the Holtecast is back. There have been a number of developments over the Summer, meaning that Robert and Jack can no longer commit to a weekly podcast between the two.

However, 7500toHolte ran two podcasts and they now morph. James will be moving to host the Holtecast and will bring on someone from the world of Aston Villa to speak about the weekly developments of the club. We expect to link up with Stevie of the Aston Villa Review amongst other bloggers and podcasters soon. We might even find Robert again!

This time, Jack Grimse returns. Jack spends his time at BeIn these days, but found the time to bridge that gap between the old and the new for us.

James and Jack review the Hull game, while looking forward to Colchester in mid-week and Cardiff. Next week, James will link up with someone else, but for now - enjoy the dulcet tones of Jack Grimse - Miami’s own.

If you’re on Apple News, head over to iTunes and Apple Podcasts, but otherwise - you can listen below!