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Episode 109: Regression to the mean gives Villa a boost

Jack and Robert return with a Holtecast that actually has some optimism!

Aston Villa v Bristol City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

What's that you say? A Holtecast that isn't just sadness and dour talk about doom, gloom, and relegation? It's true! Today's episode actually gets to talk about wins. Three of them, in fact! And, just to keep things feeling a bit normal, we throw in a loss too.

We dive into the recent Villa winning streak (the first such streak since April 2010) and try to decipher if it's an indication of things to come, a fluke, or simply a regression to the mean. We also touch a bit on the ongoing injury crisis (Guess what. By reading this your left knee is now dead. Forever. Welcome to being an Aston Villa fan!) and Steve Bruce's tactics.

And, as always, the spectre of Alan Hutton lurks over us all.

You can listen to the podcast right here, or by finding us on iTunes, Stitcher, BlogTalk Radio, or a friendly person who has listened to the episode, transcribed it, and is willing to re-enact it for you.