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On The Pod My Lord: Episode 6 - Stan Petrov, My Lord, Stan Petrov

Adam, Elis and James discuss Stan Petrov's return at length.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Hello and welcome back to On The Pod.

James Rushton, Adam Clark and Elis Sandford return to talk Villa, but with a difference. Elis returns after a Euros hangover in which his home country took home all the plaudits.

That's right, a difference. Wales earned a place at the head table this summer and Stan Petrov returned to first team football following a pretty traumatic battle with leukemia. Amazing.

You won't get that in your usual football team, I guarantee it!.


Thank you for listening, we're trying (as are the Holtecast) to improve audio quality and Zencastr does seem to be the way forward. It enables us to get rid of coughs and clicks also! That being said, there's no video because of this, so our lovely faces are nowhere to be seen.

If you have any feedback to give, please do so - On The Pod is by Villa fans, for Villa fans.