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Episode 93: Tony Xia, Roberto Di Matteo, and the Aston Villa waiting game

Jack and Robert reunite for the first time as podcasters of a Championship version of Aston Villa.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

It's June, the transfer window is open, summer is upon us, and Aston Villa are still without a new owner or a manger. Sure sure, we expect both of those to happen shortly but until then we're all just sort of sitting around speculating, aren't we? Well, what is the Holtecast good at if not speculation?

Jack and Robert are reunited for the first time as podcasters for a Championship club (technically, Villa are still under the auspices of the Premier League, but what's a technicality between friends?) We've got talk of Tony Xia's (still) pending takeover, Roberto Di Matteo's (supposedly) pending appointment as manager, and what (should be) pending moves now that the transfer window is open.

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