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Episode 86: The Holtecast gets a redesign, now 100% less "Prepared"

Jack and Robert are back for episode 86 of the Holtecast!

With the help of a swanky London design firm, we've retooled the podcast this week. Our lyin' is bigger and we're not even vaguely "PREPARED." And the good news is that the effort cost us neither £2 million nor £80,000. In fact, it was entirely free, and we're passing the savings on to you, dear listeners!

And really, that's the big news of the week. A badge re-design. We're about to be relegated from the Premier League and the most exciting thing we have is a new badge. Good heavens. So in reality, this week's episode is another lightning-round version of the Holtecast. We're going to briefly look at the loss to Chelsea, the new badge, your twitter questions, and this weekend's match against Bournemouth.

You can watch below, or you can listen. The choice is yours! And if you're the type of person who would rather subscribe, you can do that too either on our YouTube page or on basically any podcasting service you can think of. Thanks, as always, for listening!